Clearing your WoW creature cache automatically

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Tired of having to clear your WoW creature cache for NPCScan manually? I wrote a little script to do the same job.

First, make a batch file. You can just open up Notepad and make a new document. Here’s the command you want to run:

del "C:\Program Files(x96)\WoW\Cache\WDB\enUS\creaturecache.wdb"
"C:\Program Files(x96)\WoW\wow.exe"

Save this file as clearcache.bat and put it somewhere you’ll remember, like your C:\ drive or your Desktop. If you have trouble making it yourself, you can clearcache, which assumes your WoW is installed at the default location. Download it to your C:\ drive and unzip it, so that it’s in the folder C:\clearcache and unzipped. Now, when you run this batch file, it will clear your cache then launch WoW, so it’s done for you every time! You can also move the batch file to your Desktop if you like and click it there.

If you want to pin this to your Taskbar, you’ll have to use a custom shortcut, since you can’t pin batch files OR shortcuts to batch files. First, make a shortcut to your batch file (right-click and Create Shortcut). Then go into the shortcut properties and in the Target field, add a cmd /C before your command, so it looks like this:

cmd /C "C:\clearcache\clearcache.bat"

Then you’ll be able to pin it properly. I also made clearcache¬†with both the batch file and the modified shortcut ready. You might need to modify the files to point to YOUR specific WoW installation.