I’m Chase. I’m currently living in Bellevue, WA and I’ve lived in Santa Barbara, CA and Grants Pass, OR.


I have a wife, Mory, and two Golden Retrievers, Ivy and Rex.

I’m a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, Oregon Ducks, Seattle Sounders, and Portland Trail Blazers… in roughly that order.


I work at Bungie as a Senior IT Engineer, focusing on our datacenter tech and networking.

The views expressed on this website/weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.


I play World of Warcraft on the realm Mal’Ganis, assuming the roles of my rogue Madsushi, and my demon hunter Blindsushi. I also play a lot of Destiny, on PS4. My gamertag is madsushi9 on XBL and PSN.

I lead the guild Trademarked, organizing our members and resources across several games and platforms.

I used to write for WoW Insider as the rogue columnist (and holy paladin columnist for a time).


I attended Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University, majoring in Physics and Engineering.

Post-college, I’ve focused on IT and networking technologies, acquiring many certifications.

About the Site

I recently converted this site to run via Hugo with a modified Hyde-Y style.

OLD: I borrowed most of the design of this site from Steve Losh, who put together the theme and Hyde configurations.