WoW Addon/API Information

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I thought I would dump some WoW information here that I’ve learned from the Armory API and addons.

Classes in WoW are numbered 1-11, and each class has a specific color attached to it.

  1. Warrior - color is #C79C6E - Tan or Brown
  2. Paladin - color is #F58CBA - Pink
  3. Hunter - color is #ABD473 - Green
  4. Rogue - color is #FFF569 - Brittle Yellow
  5. Priest - color is #FFFFFF - White
  6. Death Knight - color is #C41F3B - Red or Crimson (isn't it interesting that DKs are #6????)
  7. Shaman - color is #0070DE - Blue
  8. Mage - color is #69CCF0 - Light Blue
  9. Warlock - color is #9482C9 - Purple
  10. Monk - color is #00FFBA - Jade Green
  11. Druid - color is #FF7D0A - Orange
  12. ??? - color is #558A84 - No idea why this was in my CSS file

If you want to dump all of the icons from the WoW client in a convenient format, start WoW with the “-console” flag in the shortcut and run this command:

exportInterfaceFiles art

Note that it will take a while (minutes) to run. You will want to dump the icons again after any new patch to grab the updated icons. The names should always match those that you get back from the Armory API.

The gospel of WoW API documentation is the official Blizzard API page on Github. The data resources section is particularly awesome for grabbing lists of all achievements, all taletnts, etc. I use this to refresh my achievement comparison tools after every patch. Make sure to cache this in a database or file somewhere, since you don’t want to be pulling it constantly (it gets pretty big).

The Armory APIs are down during Tuesday maintenance (usually).